20 May 2009

Stroud International Textile Festival

Above: Cut 2 on fold installation exhibition

A great day out exploring the textile festival in the Cotswolds. I enjoyed the train journey - a Great Western Intercity train goes SO FAST compared to the trundling London Waterloo train I'm used to.

The time for the exhibits however was nice and slow. I particularly enjoyed the 'Cut 2 on fold' installation - such attention to detail (right down to the admission badges) and such fun everywhere you looked. My other favourite was the works by Matthew Harris (I knew I recognised the fabric from somewhere and then discovered he had used cotton twill dustsheets - I must dig an old one out from the shed and experiment).
Can't wait for 2010 festival.

17 May 2009

Eine dünne blaue Linie (Thin Blue Line)

The Thin Blue Line quilts created by the Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilter's Guild are featured in a German magazine. Mine is included! Very exciting to see a picture of my work in print.

Website created

Creating art for myself is a pleasure. Designing for someone else is hugely satisfying. Designing for myself equals pain and indecision. After much grinding of cogs, I've finally created my website at www.janeglennie.co.uk but there is plenty more to do (this news page included).