22 October 2009

3-dimensional line and (not so much) stitch

I've been on a 4-day course with Michael Brennand-Wood at West Dean College. It was great. I only touched a sewing machine twice and picked up a needle about three times, but I bent wire, twisted shapes, used wooden frames and well and truly took my ideas into 3-dimensions.

I was very nervous, over excited and over-awed to be working with an artist that I had seen at the Cloth & Culture Now exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich, and again at the Stroud International Textile Festival. But Michael was incredibly friendly, approachable and informative. It was great to be able to ask questions over breakfast after a talk the evening before – I never think of my questions at the right moment for Q&A.

The college was lovely. A beautiful building, landscape and gardens. Well equipped workshops and yummy food. I ate far too many puddings. I would recommend it!

Pictures coming soon, when I find my camera again.