09 March 2011

ReOrsa Project No 5 - Wokingham

"ReOrsa, an artist-led initiative, are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting a selected group show at the More Arts space in Wokingham town centre. The exhibition curated by Tonia Maddison, a Bracknell based artist, is a selection of work of artists from across the Thames Valley who have responded to the theme ‘All that Remains’. Tonia explains, "All that remains suggests a residue, something left over or abandoned, the remnants of time passing, of erosion, decay; it also suggests the changing form of things, transformation of something that seemed transient or even something that once seemed permanent, immutable"
 10 - 26 March 2011,
Wednesday to Saturday, 11am - 4pm
More Arts, Wokingham
43c Peach Street

In my new work old clothes and remnant materials have been transformed into new structures, seemingly solid and tangible. Yet they are also hollow, set to unravel and wither away. What were these materials in their past lives before they became waste? Have they become more or less than they were? Pictures to follow when the exhibition opens on Thursday...