10 May 2011

At Play 3 - up and running

 Guests playing with my installation at the Opening event and creating an SAS style assault with the toy soldiers and the string.
Me and the sea of heads that is 'Silicone Boys' by Tom Hackett, and feeling a bit like a lost head myself. There was much brain-ache putting my piece together, and heart-ache when I was forced to make last minute changes, that on the night I was left feeling a bit confused. But I had some lovely comments and great feedback from  Jenny ('Knitted Room' seen in the picture behind heads) Kiehn's husband (sorry forgot your name!). Thank you - I was relieved that at least one person 'got it'.

And thanks for photographs: At Play 3, South Hill Park Arts Centre, 2011. Photos by Sarah Jane Wilson / Emma Albery

The exhibition runs until 19th June. More information on the South Hill park website.